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I am a qualified and experienced, native UK (English) proofreader, with experience of working with academics, local businesses, local government, medical professionals, and authors on a range of subjects and disciplines.

It’s very difficult to proofread your own work!

That's where I can help.

Are you looking for a professional proofreading service for style, structure and readability? Do your writing, spelling and grammar skills concern you?  Maybe you need a second objective opinion? LOOK NO FURTHER!

My approach is to proofread your work critically for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style and clarity. Whatever your material, from a one-page leaflet to a 100,000 word thesis, I can help you.

Most of us are unable to proofread our own work. By the time you’ve written the document and read it through numerous times, you know it so well it's very hard to see the mistakes. It’s not just academic documents that need proofreading either; unchecked spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors in corporate documents indicate a lack of attention to detail, leaving clients wondering where else you might be cutting corners.

I began work on a freelance basis after taking a career break from lecturing to start a family in Barry, South Wales. Prior to this I worked within the fields of History and ESOL at a number of prestigious Welsh universities. I hold a PGCE in Further Education and am educated to Masters Level.

My assurance is for 100% satisfaction and 24/7 support. It's my commitment to deliver a genuine, professional and affordable service based on honesty, trust and integrity. I guarantee to offer 100% non-plagiarised work, complete confidentiality, and to always meet the deadline required.

I use Microsoft Word to proofread documents electronically, which allows me to add comments and ‘track changes' made to the document. I will return the finished electronic file via email. Microsoft Word allows you to view the original document, the document containing all the changes, and the proofread version with all changes incorporated. I will keep a back-up of all on-screen edited work for two months. I would also suggest that you make a back-up copy of the file once you receive it, as I may not be able to provide a replacement after this period. 

My fee for proofreading depends on: 

• Word count 

• Deadline 

• Academic level of the work (if appropriate)

Get in touch to discuss your requirements further, using the form on the Contact page.

Student Proofreading

As with all my proofreading I will use Track Changes and the Comment function in Microsoft Word to make amendments so you can accept or reject each change individually. Due to the fact that your work is being academically assessed, some special conditions apply.

Services I offer

• Correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation in the main text, tables, figures, footnotes, endnotes and appendices.
• Correcting typographical errors.
• Correcting or highlighting incorrect or inappropriate word use.
• Splitting up sentences that are too long, or removing unnecessary repetition in sentences.
• Highlighting language points so you can improve the text further.
• Highlighting parts of the text where the meaning is not clear, or is ambiguous.
• Highlighting obvious mistakes in quotations, so you can check the original and make amendments.
• Inconsistencies between tables and text.
• Splitting long paragraphs.

Services I do not offer

• Checking the accuracy of the content.
• Major rewriting.
• Checking whether calculations and formulas are correct.
• Checking references and citations against external sources.
• Adding missing information to your reference list.
• Applying formatting guidelines (for example, heading styles, margins) from scratch.
• Creating the table of contents or the reference list.
• Checking for plagiarism using detector software.


Proofreading policies differ between universities. You must check that your university allows you to use a professional proofreader. If you do not keep to these rules, there could be very serious consequences.

The proofreading service aims to improve the language, but you are responsible for the academic content of your work. The mark you are awarded by your academic institution is not within my control, and I am not legally responsible if your mark is lower than you expected.

I will not carry out substantial editing or restructuring to your text, add text OR paraphrase from anyone else’s work, or make any other changes that would be considered plagiarism.

Business Proofreading

My services are not only for students. I can proofread your business documents too.

How I Can Help

I provide proofreading services for a wide range of clients locally and internationally. I work on both fiction and non-fiction documents, published and unpublished. Some examples of non-fiction documents include marketing literature, medical reports, websites, instruction manuals and application forms. Fundamentally, if you have a document you feel would benefit from proofreading, I can provide this service. Most importantly, I want every client to be 100% satisfied. I also ensure that all documents sent to me are kept completely confidential. I do not employ other proofreaders, so your work will not be sent to anyone other than yourselves.

Due to the variety of document types and the different levels of editing, I will agree the price with you individually. I offer different levels of editing depending on your requirements. Therefore, my price is based on the complexity of the work, as well as the length of the text. 


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